Your clients want to do business electronically.

However, every client is requesting a different electronic invoice or sales order - a digital format matching their financial system.

The cost you make for realizing and maintaining these client specific formats is significant.

There is an easier way to do this.

Globiq converts the relevant data from your financial system directly to the different digital formats of all your clients.

How does it work?

Globiq connects directly to your (financial) system. Your outgoing data is sent to the Globiq platform. Your communication is only with Globiq. We translate your outgoing message in the digital format of your business partner. Globiq delivers the translated message at your business partner in the communication method of his choosing. The process up to delivery can be monitored by you, realtime.

What are the benefits?

e-invoice steps

You will save directly on paper, printing and porto costs. Since your business partner will be able to reduce the cost for business communication, the bonds between you and your business partner will be strengthened. Your messages will more quickly reach their destination and unnecessary damage to the environment is avoided.

What are the costs?

The creation and delivery of a document is already possible for as low as 15 eurocents. For the usage of the software a standard fee will be charged, a price per document is added to this for every successful delivery. The delivery price varies per chosen delivery method. Globiq will assist you in computing the annual saving.

Which techniques are used?

Globiq uses the proven reliable Oracle database technology for managing your data. If required, we unlock your data using a web portal written using Oracle Application Express. For smooth and accurate data recognition, we use the OCR software ABBYY FlexiCapture. Our servers run on the Amazon Web Services platform in the Irish data center. Globiq has developed proprietary components that guarentee the availability and reliability of our services.

Who has access?

This you determine. The security of your data is paramount. Unlocking takes place in a way that fits your business process and that will provide the right information to the right people.

How do I get my clients on board?

Globiq also takes care of the "onboarding" of your clients. We inform the clients with clear brochures and interactive presentations. We help you to convince your clients about the benefits of electronic communication.

How do I know it' s safe?

Safety is of utmost importance to us. We manage security continuously and proactively. Encrypted SSL connections ensure the secure connection to the Amazon Web Services data center. For storing your data we use additional encryption.

What is the roadmap?

Feel free to contact us. Together with you we would like to get clear how your outgoing documents process can be further automated. During a short test period we check the delivery of data from your (financial) system to the Globiq platform. Your data is converted to electronic documents, after which your approval will be needed on content and formatting. After your approval we contact your clients on how they would like to receive your documents.

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Your returns:

  • Cost savings
  • Increased efficiency
  • Customer friendly approach
  • Good customer relations
  • Environmental friendly