100% paperfree trade is now possible by an intelligent allocation of IT resources. The Globiq platform offers companies the opportunity to send, receive and archive different types of documents from 1 central platform.

The solutions of Globiq:

  • easy to use
  • immediately available
  • using a pay-per-use model
  • do not need huge investments upfront

You receive from your business partners electronic and paper documents. Processing the documents using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) offers you the opportunity to send and receive documents automatically. You want to receive your documents electronically (link)

Your clients request the delivery of electronic documents in their format. Creating and sending of various types of electronic documents is possible from 1 platform. You want to send your documents electronically (link).

You want to clean up your filing cabinets. You want to work without full files with various documents? Globiq digitizes and classifies your documents. Easily find and retrieve your documents, just google it. You want your documents electronically archived (link)

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